Prepare the Rock-n-Roll Time Machine…

Cry HAVOC…and unleash the dogs of rock!

Tonight (10/10) GUPPY EFFECT is playing a debut show at the Willy Street Pub (Wisco) in Madison WI. We rock all night (9 PM to 1 AM) and we are dedicating all or part of the show to the Badger Women’s Volleyball Team, who are playing against Rutgers tonight. We invited them to come and celebrate their win at the Wisco after the game.

This idea came to us after band practice on Wednesday night, while we were having a band meeting at Sweeney’s Oakcrest Pub, near Jon the drummer’s house. We were talking about the dress code for this show (red shirts and black pants) and then thought it might be nice to theme the show by dedicating it to something.

Above the table we were sitting at in the bar was a giant poster of the Badger Women’s Volleyball Team and their game schedule. We noticed they were playing against Rutgers on the same night of our show, so we decided to honor them by dedicating the show to them and making them our “unofficial sponsors.”

Since we were going to be wearing red, it kind of made sense at the time.

We knew this would substantially increase their likelihood of a win, because GUPPY EFFECT’s rock-n-roll is guaranteed to triple your game, as you know. That is why our brand slogan is “Thrice the rocking power of other name bands.”

The only problem is we are rocking AFTER their game happens. So we will have to do something we seldom do…send our rocking back in time by two hours, so we can ensure a win against Rutgers.

This is not as hard as it sounds. Our rocking often rips holes in the fabric of space/time, just on accident, even going so far as to have caused people to wake up with hangovers days or weeks before or after a GUPPY EFFECT show (why we kind of try not to purposefully render time/space obsolete). But tonight we will have to do it willfully and with purpose.

We cannot predict all the consequences and side effects of this time warping, but we wanted to warn everyone that this show could take you places you have never been before.

You have been warned. Be fearless.


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