GUPDATE – Awesome Rocking is Nigh

Hi Guppies.

Tonight, Stefan and I went down to the Rigby Pub in Madison WI to scope out a couple of the BUBBLE MUSIC FEST (BMF) bands playing there.

It’s a cozy little downstairs dive with a small bar and some chairs and couches. There’s a big yellow submarine on the wall, in keeping with the Beatles theme of the place.

We wanted to scope it out in advance of our BMF power trio set there tomorrow night, Saturday 9/13 (along with drummer Jon).

We are pretty sure it is going to be a tsunami of rock-n-roll in there when we play. The beauty of a smallish venue is that it doesn’t take very many shakin’ booties to make the dance floor seem packed with people.

So we hope you will grab an un-lame friend and pop on down so we can put the GUPPY in full EFFECT. It’s free.

We can totally vouch for the high quality rocking.

Shamefully though, the beer selection at Rigby is a bit poor. The best one they had on tap was Spotted Cow. All the rest were swill in bottles with the word “Light” after their names.

So, in this instance we are going to have to encourage civil disobedience by suggesting you load a cooler with some good beer, put it in your car (please have a DD), and smuggle some into Rigby during the show.

Sorry, but that is the price a venue has to pay for serving an unacceptable quality of ale.

We love you!



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