GUPDATE – Drummer Wanted

Hi Guppies!

Long time fans of GUPPY EFFECT know that drummers are often quite intimidated by our sheer rocking power, but we are once again soliciting for someone to fill the thunderbooms role in one of Madison’s funnest original rock bands. If you are interested in auditioning, read on!

We play 80%+ home grown original rock-n-roll. Have a listen to the songs posted on this site. We perform at alt rock venues mostly, including but not limited to house concerts and divy hard rock clubs. We sell out to no one and staunchly adhere to our mantra: “Thrice the rocking power of other name bands.”

Intimidated yet? If so, don’t audition. But if you are up to awesomeness, drop us a line on the Booking tab of this site.

We love you. Long time.


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