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“A thorough rocking guaranteed, or your next show is FREE!”

Guppy Effect is an all original* rock-n-roll band from Madison WI. The current lineup is:

“Cactus” Joe Leonard – bass, vocals

Stefan “Shredder” Chandler – guitar, vocals

“On the” Verge Manyen – drums, vocals

Guppy Effect shows are mostly for the ladies, but fellas…you want to be there. Guppy Effect virgin or not, you will leave our shows with a satisfied afterglow, feeling 3x better than when you arrived.**

If you want to know what the “guppy effect” is: CLICK HERE

*Mostly. We sometimes throw out a choice cover song.

**This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The Guppy Effect’s rock-n-roll is not intended as a substitute for the administration of food or drugs.


    I would like for you to call me regarding a theme song that I wrote. I need someone to arrange the music for production purposes. I want to use it as a theme song and to also sell the CD to educational community for motivation purposes. (608) 2133840


  2. Great site Joe!
    Great weekend in Nashvilletown!
    Looking forward to hearing your band sometime.



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