GUPDATE – Guppy Effect is Hosting the Big Hockey Party This Weekend

Hi Guppies.

The past few Februaries, GUPPY EFFECT has hosted a super fun youth hockey fundraiser party at the Capitol Ice Arena in Middleton WI.

This February is no different, and the party is this Saturday 2/7/15 from 5 to 8 PM at the Capitol Ice Arena. The party is in the upstairs mezzanine party room overlooking two giant ice rinks where youth hockey games will be going on during the party. You can’t go wrong if you like hockey, rock-n-roll, beer, and/or food.

CLICK HERE for map.

The cost of admission is one $10 raffle ticket, purchased at the door. Once you are in it is unlimited free beer and food until its gone.

The raffle ticket enters you into a drawing for cash prizes, as much as $3000. Yes, three THOUSAND dollars. The band usually invests in a handful of tickets. That kind of cashola can buy some sweet new music equipment or fund our next EP release.

Anyway, we hope you can come and we love you. Long time…



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