GUPDATE – Beat the Heat With Us at the Union Terrace Tonite!

Hi Guppies!2/3rds of GUPPY EFFECT are heading down to the Union Terrace in Madison this evening to “beat the heat” with a couple oversized frosty tankards of microbrewed ale and a partial pantload of rocking.

To wit, Stefan and I are going to throw our name into the ring to perform a couple acoustic duo tunies at the famed weekly (Wednesdays) Union Terrace Open Mic, which runs 8 – 11 PM.

If we get picked, we’ll play and drink beer. If we don’t get picked, we’ll drink beer only. So we really can’t lose, and neither can you.

Remember, if you wear your GUPPY EFFECT tee shirt to any show, even an open mic, the band will buy you a drink.

That being said, we have placed the order for the new GE tee shirts that the economically savvy among you ordered at a discount via our recent crowd funding campaign. If you missed out on pre-ordering one of our free beer generating tee shirts, fear not…we ordered a few additional ones and they’ll be available in early August, albeit for $15 (Hint: Always pre-order. Always!).

We love you (long time) and hope to see some of your sweaty smiling faces and scantily clad bodies on the terrace tonight getting your GUPPY in full EFFECT with us.

Ciao now.



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