GUPDATE – There Are Still Many Good Shows (Just Not GUPPY EFFECT Shows Per Se…)

Hello Guppies!

Cactus Joe here.

As many of you know, original rock-n-roll band GUPPY EFFECT is on temporary hiatus due to the arrival of Stefan’s new baby son, Teddy Chandler Boerboom, mini rockstar. CONGRATULATIONS to the happy family.

That being said, I am still whoring myself out to other bands and have plenty of worthy supporting shows on the calendar (click on the SHOW CALENDAR link over there on the left to see them).

Most notably I am subbing on bass with pop cover band YOUR MOM.* I’ve also been retained for any projects Kelsey Miles is in charge of, like KELSEY MILES BAND and FIGHTING FOR. My favorite project is the embryonic but hard rocking SKOOLNITE BENDER.

There will probably be lots more shows added, so check the calendar whenever you want to see where I’m performing next. I do not play with any sh!tty bands, so GUPPY EFFECT’s rock-n-roll guarantee is still in full effect, as well as the free drink (on me) for anyone who wears a GUPPY EFFECT tee shirt to any of these shows.



*The band…not your actual mom.

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