GUPDATE – Stefan Got Married!

Hi Guppies!

I haven’t posted an update in a while, so I thought now was a good time.

Stefan got married to his long time GF, Kat. That’s pretty cool. I was a DJ at the wedding reception, along with Wendy from SUNSPOT. I was also a groomsman. The tuxedo was slick, but the shoes gave me a nice big blister on my right foot from dancing too hard.

That’s the big news. The small news is that while GUPPY EFFECT per se does not have any immediate shows (Stefan’s honeymoon and all), I do.

That is to say, my alter ego CACTUS JOE has some shows.

Sunday Rocktober 25
Cardinal Bar (for Art Nest)
4 PM-ish

Thursday Rocktober 29
Bos Meadery
6-8 PM
Possibly with a special guest TBD

Of course there are lots of other good shows you should go to, like Dr. Noize’s Back to the Future themed party on Rocktober 23.

We love you. Long time…


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