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Cheese Curds (Think About It…) and Prime Numbers

Hi Guppies!

You know that GUPPY EFFECT loves…nay PREFERS…to perform at alternative music venues, like house concerts and campy farm fields, thus maintaining quality rock-n-roll while avoiding all the bad things about conventional music venues (late performance times, expensive drinks, lack of parking, surly staff, odd smells, etc.). Our next show is one such alternative, which has the added perk of helping kids too just by you being there.

On Sunday July 23 at 10 AM, we shall take to the Madison Music Foundry (MMF) Stage at the infamous Monona (WI) Farmer’s Market to rock a tight little set of tunes for about an hour. The MMF is a Madison establishment that offers music lessons, workshops, and practice studio space to aspiring local musicians, especially kids. We are excited to showcase our music there, as we did last year, and get our hands on the delicious fermented cow excretions known as “squeaky cheese curds.”


We love you. Longtime.


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