For Fans

Digital Tip Jar

GUPPY EFFECT rocks for you with thrice the rocking power of other name bands, giving it our all at every show.

We want you to have and enjoy our music FREE!

We hope you will download it or come to a live show. But if you just want to listen online now and then, that’s great too!

We will still rock just as hard either way.

If you want to know what the “guppy effect” is, CLICK HERE.

  1. Joe, Stephan,
    Thanks for the shout outs. Always glad to help when I can. Keep on rockin’ for all of us live music freaks!


  2. Hey Joe! Helluva Festivus show! You probably are the best bassist in the tristate area. Rock on and on. Maybe I’ll get up to Madison to see more shows. Decorah always welcomes you back.


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