Every summer on the longest day of the year (June 21) there is a thing. This thing is called MAKE MUSIC [INSERT PARTICIPATING CITY HERE]. It’s a free, all-day, city-wide, family-friendly music festival involving hundreds of performers and music venues, intended to promote local live music. There will be music all over the place from 7 AM until after 9 PM.

We music lovers in Madison WI are really lucky because Madison is a participating city. So if you didn’t know about MMM before now…you’re welcome. Head out around Madison on Wednesday 6/21/17 and catch some great live music!

GUPPY EFFECT is really lucky too, because we are a participating performer. If you are interested in seeing our full band electric set, come to the CENTRAL PARK STAGE on the near east side of town for our performance from 3-4 PM. We are playing alongside awesome local band SUNSPOT (at 2 PM). If you want to catch our more intimate acoustic trio set, come to the OLD SUGAR DISTILLERY STAGE, not far from the Capitol, for our performance from 6:30-7:30 PM.

In any case, try to catch some live music. It’s a unique and special time to see a lot of talent all on one action packed day.

As always, we love you.

Long time.


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About Manwich B. Khakazzi

Joe is a songwriter, producer, performing musician, and free agent in Madison, WI.

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