GUPDATE: Moving Forward

Hi Guppies.

How is 2017 treating you so far?

Although we are still on winter hiatus, I have been adding rock-n-roll shows to the GUPPY EFFECT calendar that are worthy of mention. The KELSEY MILES BAND is a project that I have been supporting with my bass and face and you should check out a show of theirs if/when your time/space continuum is conducive to that.

Speaking of time/space, Time Lord rockers HIATVS will soon be launching Khakulus, their quantum time ship, to gather material for their 2015 house concert. If you were at that show, you know how important these musical reconnaissance missions are for putting on a fantastic show. Sadly, that’s the only show on HIATVS’s calendar right now, so hopefully you have a time traveler friend who can take you back to that house concert, because it was hugely good. HIATVS isn’t limited to unidirectional time, and tends to focus on one historic house concert until the time loop intensity becomes greater than what the venue could handle at the time, before they schedule a new house concert. On the down side, for non-time travelers, these house concerts tend to be low key affairs on the first pass, and grow in intensity with each subsequent branching of time/space. If you were at the 2015 house concert, just know that there is a parallel universe doppelganger of you that had about 10 times the fun you had.

Keep an eye out for hard rockers SKOOLNITE BENDER. They are a phenomenal power trio that typically performs on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays (school nights).

Have a fun 2017.

Cactus Joe


About Manwich B. Khakazzi

Joe is a songwriter, producer, performing musician, and free agent in Madison, WI.

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