WEEKLY GUPDATE – Making a Mezz!

Dearest GUPPIES,

It is with much glee that I can alert you we’ll be performing in our semi-acoustic trio incarnation at THE MEZZ in Madison WI on Saturday August 20 from 5-8 PM.

The Mezz is a new chillaxed music venue we’ll be helping to baptise into awesomeness with our triple strength rock-n-roll. It’s a cozy bar on the 2nd floor MEZZanine (hence the name) of Festival Foods on E. Washington Avenue in our fair city. We had the enjoyable experience of performing our debut there back in June for Make Music Madison and they liked us so much they invited us back. They are even going to pay us!

GUPPY EFFECT digs rocking these types of alternative venues, especially when we can do so at a respectable time of day. It’s unconventional for a band to play at a bar above a grocery store, but we like to mix things up. You can see bands playing late night shows at anonymous divy bars any time, but increasingly the trend is toward these specialty performances, particularly as audiences mature, get real jobs, and stop staying out till 3 AM. Traditionally, late night shows are the norm, but for those seeking a taste of the abnorm, this might be your kind of show.

The Mezz management is giving us a respectable bar tab as well, so we can afford to buy you a drink or two (just ask…first come/served), if that’s any incentive to stop down and check this joint (and us) out for a spell. They have an outdoor patio (we might play on it, weather permitting) as well as lots of comfy couches and chairs inside. There’s a full bar with several decent craft beers on tap. I believe there’s also a menu of snackable items if you get hungry (if I’m wrong, there’s a full salad bar and deli downstairs in the grocery store).

As always, if you wear your GUPPY EFFECT tee shirt or undergarment to the show, we will buy you a drink, independent of the generous bar tab we’ll have at the Mezz.

In other news, we auditioned for the Overture Rising Stars local talent show this past Saturday out at Full Compass in Verona. I thought we did a nice performance of our original song, “Pied Piper’s Tune.” There was some strong competition, but I’m optimistic we might make the semifinals, to be held later in August. If we melt the judges faces off at that, we’ll move on to the grand finale, a showcase at the Capitol Theater on September 24th.

Thanks for all your support and for reading this far, if you are still reading…

We love you.



About Cactus Joe

Cactus Joe is a songwriter, producer, performing musician, and free agent in Madison, WI. http://www.cactusjoeproductions.com

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